Motorcycle Battery Chargers and Leads

Motorcycle Battery Chargers and Leads have changed over the years. Traditional Batteries used a very strong chemical process using lead and sulphuric acid to hold a Direct Current (d.c) and needed to vent hydrogen into the atmosphere. These lead acid batteries could only be stored and stowed in an upright position and were easily charged from a standard trickle charger. However, modern batteries use a slightly different chemical reaction, don’t need to vent and can be stowed on the motorcycle in nearly any axis. These Motorcycle Batteries are generally Maintenance Free (MF), Glass Matt or Gel type Batteries and do require a completely different means of charging. Both Optimate Battery Chargers and Datatool Battery Chargers produce Motorcycle Battery Chargers that can charge, maintain and recover both modern and traditional Motorcycle Batteries. Specific new Optimates are now suitable for CAN BUS electrical systems.

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