Optimate Solar Panel Battery Charger 20W


The Optimate Solar Panel Battery Charger 20W is a compact stand alone 12 Volt Motorcycle Battery Charger, ideal for garages and sheds without mains electrics. This solar powered motorcycle battery charging system has no risk of overcharging, is totally safe for vehicle electronics and is ideal for safe long-term battery maintenance. The unit will automatically shut down if it is short-circuited or the battery is disconnected.

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This Optimate Solar Panel Battery Charger 20W is designed to charge and maintain 12 Volt MF (Maintenance Free), AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat), Gel and standard Lead Acid motorcycle batteries. Innovative high current pulse technology converts relatively low 20 watt solar panel energy into an effective and efficient 12 volt charge. An Optimate O04 Battery Crocodile Clamp Set for off bike charging and an Optimate O01 Battery Terminal SAE Motorcycle Battery Connection for on bike charging are included. As a portable alternative there is the Optimate Solar Panel Battery Charger 20W with Travel Kit.

Included within this solar battery charger Unit;

Benefits and features of this Optimate Solar Panel Battery Charger 20W Kit includes

  • Suitable for Lead/Acid, MF, AGM and Gel 12 Volt Batteries
  • 3-stage charging program for recovery, charging, testing and maintenance
  • Capable of charging batteries from as low as 1 volt remaining in the Battery
  • 1.66 Amp Charge from 20 Watt panel (maximum average current) depending on weather conditions
  • IP54 splash proof housing and charging unit
  • Suitable for wall mounting or portable use

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