Optimate 3 Motorcycle Battery Charger


This Optimate 3 Motorcycle Battery Charger and Optimiser kit is an advanced microprocessor controlled battery charger that is suitable for all 12 volt motorcycle batteries including Lead Acid, MF (Maintenance Free) sealed batteries, Gel batteries and Glass Matt batteries.

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This Optimate 3 Motorcycle Battery Charger is the most popular Battery Charger since its introduction in 1995. Designed to recover and charge standard lead Acid, MF (Maintenance Free) and AGM Batteries which covers the vast majority of O.E.M. Batteries fitted on motorcycles. This latest model, from October 2014, replaces the Original Optimate 3, Optimate 3 Sp and the Optimate 3 Plus will charge batteries from as little as 2 volts and has 7 seperate programmes to optimise the battery charge. Ideally as with any good ‘intelligent battery charger’ the Optimate 3 should be used all year round (be aware that standard lead Acid Batteries will require visual inspection to make sure that the acid level is above minimum). Lighter and quicker than its predecessors this Optimate3 is has the new SAE fitting (waterproof) and has both the clamp lead set (O04 Optimate Battery Crocodile Clamps) and the umbilical battery connection (O01 Optimate Battery Terminal Connector) included. Trusted by more than 10 major motorcycle manufacturers including; Honda, Yamaha, Triumph, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Peugeot, Gas Gas, Derbi etc.

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