Optimate 4 Dual Program Battery Charger


Optimate 4 Dual Program Battery Charger and Optimiser is an advanced microprocessor controlled battery charger that is suitable for all 12v motorcycle batteries including motorcycles using the CAN-bus electrical systems e.g. BMW. This Optimate 4 Dual motorcycle battery charger is suitable for Lead Acid, MF (Maintenance Free) sealed batteries, Gel batteries and Glass Matt batteries.


This much acclaimed Optimate 4 Dual Program Battery Charger and Optimiser kit is a Dual Program Diagnostic, Desulphating Charger and Tester with a Microprocessor that supersedes the iconic Optimate 4 that won MCNs Product of the Year for 2008. The Optmate 4 Dual kit is now SAE compatible containing the umbilical cord (O01 Optimate Battery Terminal Connector SAE71), which is connected via an inline fuse to the battery, and a set of clamped terminals (O04 Optimate Battery Crocodile Clamps SAE74) for charging batteries off the motorcycle. The Optimate 4 Dual comes in a sealed weatherproof casing and is user friendly from the start. There is only one Optimate 4 Dual Program Battery Charger, your bike deserves the best as the most prestigious brands in the motorcycle industry use and recommend the Optimate 4 Dual Program motorcycle battery chargers such as Honda, Triumph, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Bombardier, Derbi, GasGas and Peugeot Scooters. Optimate 4 Dual is totally safe for months-long connection and maintenance of irregularly or seasonally used batteries even while still connected to the vehicle. No risk of overcharging. This micro processor charger is electronically protected against user errors, simply connect the Optimate 4 Dual Program Battery Charger to your battery, the rest is automatic. There is no switch, no fuse… and there are no sparks. deactivates automatically if connections are broken Optimate 4’s unique diagnostic function automatically identifies deeply discharged (sulphated) batteries and applies a controlled high voltage with a small fixed current for a pre-determined time to recover them.

For CAN-bus electrical systems connection an O02 Optimate Socket Accessory Connector SAE72 is required.