O03 Optimate Waterproof Extension Lead SAE63


This Optimate 1.8 metre extension lead O03, also known as the SAE63, uses the new SAE type end fittings for improved durability, water resistance and connectivity and is designed for use on the new Optimate Battery Chargers including the Optimate 2, Optimate 4 Dual and the Optimate 4 Can Bus Edition motorcycle battery Chargers.


This O03 Optimate Waterproof Extension Lead SAE63, is 1.8 metres long, is designed to fit between the motorcycle fly lead, or clamps, and an Optimate Battery Conditioner. This new improved SAE connector is waterproof and durable, replacing the TM connector, and can be used in conjunction with a O01 Optimate Battery Terminal Connector SAE71 to power up other Optimate Accessories. If your Optimate battery charger uses a white terminal end (known as TM) an Optimate TM73 2 metre extension lead.