O04 Optimate Battery Crocodile Clamps SAE74


O04 Optimate Crocodile Clamps, also known as SAE74 clamps, use the new type waterproof end fittings and are designed for use in conjunction with the new Optimate Motorcycle Battery Chargers including the Optimate 2, Optimate 4 Dual and the Optimate Canbus Edition. Ideally suited to on or off bike charging these simple to use crocodile clamps fit easily on to the battery terminals and are 50 cm long.


These O04 Optimate Battery Crocodile Clamps SAE74 are a pair of Optimate Crocodile Clamps designed to link an Optimate Battery Charger to the Motorcycle Battery using the latest SAE end fittings; ideal for batteries that are being stored off the motorcycle. This latest SAE heavy duty connection, replacing the TM connection, combined with an 18 SWG copper core and the detachable rubber sleeve offers a reliable and waterproof connection. If your Optimate battery charger uses a white terminal end (known as TM) you will require the Optimate TM74 Crocodile Clamps.