O02 Optimate Socket Accessory Connector SAE72


O02 Optimate Socket Accessory Connector SAE72, also known as the SAE72, uses the latest Waterproof SAE end fitting and connects into a cigarette lighter power socket, or DIN Socket, to charge the motorcycle battery using the latest generation of Optimate battery chargers.


This O02 Optimate Socket Accessory Connector SAE72 allows easy connection, from an appropriate Optimate Battery Charger, into the Motorcycle Accessory Socket  or a standard car cigarette lighter socket for charging the motorcycle battery. This SAE72 lead is compatible with the O06 Optimate Accessory Power Socket SAE76 (red cap removed) or the O08 Optimate Accessory Power Socket SAE78,  (red cap retained) and accessory sockets fitted on to some early BMW, Ducati, Honda and Triumph Motorcycles (not for Canbus models).  If your Optimate battery charger uses a white terminal end (known as TM) you will require an Optimate Socket Accessory Connector TM72 and an appropriate Socket; either the Optimate Accessory Power Socket TM68 or the Optimate Accessory Power Socket TM78.