Givi V56NN Maxia 4 Monokey Top Box

£256.64 £229.14

The Givi V56N Motorcycle Top Case is the fourth and latest generation of Maxia Top Boxes with an impressive 56 Litre Capacity designed to fit directly on to any Givi Monokey plate. This large highly versatile top box will easily accept 2 full facemotorcycle helmets, or flip fronted helmets, and features internal elasticated luggage straps to hold your personal items in place. Once unlocked, using one of the two keys provided, the red locking button can be pressed to release the carrying handle, the lid or the entire case from its base.


This Givi V56NN Maxia 4 Monokey Top Box is black with embossed black lid, black embossed inlay, red reflectors and anodised aluminium inserts which can be easily fitted with a variety of additional accessories such as; the Givi T468B Universal Inner Bag for Large Top Boxes, the Givi S351 Trekker Luggage Straps Pair 1 Metre, the Givi E111 Backrest and the Givi E159 Metal Top Rack.


Benefits and features of this Givi 56 Litre Motorcycle Top Box includes;


  • 56 Litre capacity, capable of stowing 2 full face motorcycle helmets
  • Will fit any Monokey Top Plate
  • Satin Black finish, red reflectors and anodised aluminium inserts
  • Single key to lock and unlock either the lid or the top box entirely
  • 2 keys supplied


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Specifications and design features;