Givi SR74 Rear Carrier for Aprilia Habana 125


This Givi SR74 Rear Carrier is designed specifically for the Aprilia Habana 125, 2000 to 2009 models, to accept a Givi plate enabling a Givi Monolock Top Box or a Givi Monokey Case to be fitted, and removed, quickly and easily at the press of a button.


This Givi SR74 Rear Carrier for Aprilia Habana 125 is designed to accept either a  Givi Monokey Case or a Monolock Top Box or as well as offering a sturdy base for soft luggage. For a Givi Monokey Case a Givi E251 Universal Monokey Plate is required and for a Givi Monolock Top box the Givi Monolock Plate that is included when purchasing any new Givi Monolock Top Box is ideal. The rear luggage Carrier, the instructions and all the necessary fittings are included.

To view the PDF instructions and details please click here.