Givi V47NNT Monokey Top Case 47 Litre Black


The Givi V47NNT Monokey Top Case 47 Litre Black, with a 47 Litre internal capacity, is a Monokey Top Box with a Black carbon pattern affect top and clear smoke coloured reflectors. This Motorcycle top box can be fitted on to any Givi Monokey Top plate, which offers an extremely sturdy fit, and can be placed in to position or removed at the push of a lockable button.


This Givi V47NNT Monokey Top Case 47 Litre Black with clear rear reflectors,  also known as the Givi V47NN Tech is by far one of the most popular and versatile top boxes in the Givi Monokey Top Box range. The Givi V47NN Tech 47 Litre top box can be attached to any Monokey plate (which may be Motorcycle specific; for a full listing of Givi Motorcycle Luggage fitting kits please click here) and is capable of carrying two full face or flip front motorcycle helmets. Unlike the Givi Monolock range of top boxes, which were generally designed for Scooters, this Givi 47 Litre Monokey Top Box is double skinned and has a full waterproof seal for weather resistance. In addition the lid can be lifted, locked and closed independently to the Top Box Locking System. For use in poor light, especially where a fixed courtesy light can not be used (Givi M8 and Givi M9 Plates) the Givi E198 Internal Courtesy Light for Top Boxes and Cases can be used. A wide range of accessories are available including; a Givi E134S Back Rest, a Givi E135 Stop Light, a Givi T502B Inner Bag , a Givi S150 Universal Top Box Rack and a Givi E159 top plate.


Benefits and features of this Givi 47NNT Litre Motorcycle Top Box includes;

  • 47 litre internal storage capacity, enough space for 2 motorcycle helmets
  • Double skinned construction
  • Full waterproof seal
  • Satin black finish with dark patterned top and red rear reflectors
  • Monokey fitting system offering a sturdy fit and versatility
  • Single key, 2 buttons, for easy fitting, removal and independent opening
  • 2 keys supplied


Specifications and design features;

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