RG Paddock Stand Bobbins for KTM 990R Superduke


R&G Paddock stand Bobbins, or R&G Cotton Reels as they are also now known as, are designed to fit the KTM 990R Superduke. These motorcycle bobbins screw directly in to the existing threads, in the bottom of each side of the swinging arm, which then enables a rear fork type paddock stand to be used to lift the back of the motorcycle off the floor evenly and safely.


These RG Paddock Stand Bobbins for KTM 990R Superduke, also offer some crash protection by having these 2 additional points of contact in a fall. The R&G Upper Crash Protectors for KTM 990R Super Duke and the R&G Lower Crash Protectors for KTM990R Super Duke are both available for this motorcycle.