Hi Flo Filtro Motorcycle Oil Filter HF401


Hi Flo Filtro Motorcycle Oil Filter, part number HF401, is a TUV approved traditional paper type filter for Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph and Yamaha Motorcycles. This HF 401 Filter includes a sealing gasket O-Ring ring and an Oil Filter Bypass Bolt O-ring for the Honda engines


This Hiflo Filter is designed as the following;

Honda CB350 F,F1 1973-1974 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB400 F,F1,F2 1975-1979 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB500 1971 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB500 F Four 1972-1977 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB500 K1,K2,K3  1972-1974 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB550 1974-1976 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB550 F1,F2,K3,K4 (4 Cylinders) 1975-1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB550 SC Nighthawk 1982-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB650 C Custom RC05 1980-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB650 LC Japan  Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB650 SC (DOHC) 1983-1984 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB650 SC Nighthawk 1980-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB650 SCC (SOHC) 1982-1984 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB650 Z,CA,CB RC03 1979-1981 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB750 A 750 Hondamatic  1976-1978 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB750 C Custom 1980-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB750 CA,CB,CDB Custom    Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB750 F Bol d’Or RC04  Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB750 F,F1,F2 1977-1978 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB750 F-A,B,C,D,2C,2D RC04 1980-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB750 K1-K8 1970-1978 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB750 KZ,KA,KB,FZ RC01 1979-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB900 Bol d ‘Or 1979-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB900 C Custom 1980-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB900 F 900 Supersport 1979-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB900 F-Z,A,B,C,D 1979-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB900 F2B,F2C,F2D 1983-1984 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB1000 C Custom 1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CBX1000 A ProLink 1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CBX1000 B,C ProLink SC06 1980-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CBX1000 ZA (CB 1) SC03 1978-1979 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda GL1000 Gold Wing 1975-1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda GL1000 L,Z,LTD 1975-1979 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CBX1050 1979-1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB1100 F SC11 1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB1100 RBSC05 1981 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda CB1100 RC,RD SC08 1982-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda GL1100 A Aspencade 1982-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda GL1100 Gold Wing 1980-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda GL1100 I Interstate 1980-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda GL1200 Gold Wing  1990 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda GL1200 A Gold Wing Aspencade 1984-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda GL1200 AE,AF,AG,AH 1984-1988 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda GL1200 Gold Wing  1984-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda GL1200 I Gold Wing Interstate  1984-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Honda GL12 SE-I 1986 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Kawasaki EL250 B/F EL252 F2-F6 1996-2003 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki EL250 B2-B3,E1-E7 Eliminator 1988-1990 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki EX250 (ZZR250) 1998-2002 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki EX250 (EX250R Ninja) Special Edition 2012 on Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki EX250 E1,E2 (GPZ250R Ninja) 1986-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki EX250 F,G,R-2 (GPX250 R) Japan 1988 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki EX250 F2-F19 (GPX250R Ninja)  1988-2005 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki EX250 F6F,F7F Ninja 250R USA 2006-2007 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki EX250 H1,H2,H3 (ZZR250)  1990-1993 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki EX250 J8F,J9F,JAF,JAFA,JBF,JBFA,JCF,JCFA Ninja 250R USA 2008 on Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki EX250 K8F,K9F,KAF,KBF,KCF (EX250R Ninja)  2008 on Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z400 B1-B2,G1,H, LTD (2 Cyl) 1978-1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z400 D1,D2 (2 Cyl)  1974-1975 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z400 D3,D4 (2 Cyl)  1976-1977 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z400 J1,J2,J3 (4 Cyl) (KZ400J)  1980-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z400 M1 (KZ400 M1)  1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZR400 A1,B1 (Z400F)  1983-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZR400 C1,C2,C3,C4 Zephyr Japan 1989-1993 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX400 C2 (Z400F2)  1984-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX400 D (GPZ400R) Japan 1985-1986 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX400F (GPX400R)  Japan Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ440 1980-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z440 A1-A3, D4-D6, LTD  1980-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z440 C1,C2 1980-1981 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z440 H1,H2 1982-1984 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z500 B1,B2 1979-1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z500 B3 (6 Speed)  1981 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ550 D1,M1,C1-C4,A1-A4 1980-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ550 F1,F2 1982-1984 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ550 H1,H2 1982-1984 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z550 A1,A2,A3 1980-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z550 B1,B2 1979-1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z550 C1,C2,C3,LTD 1981-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z550 D1 Twin Shock (GPZ550) 1981 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z550 G1-G3 (GT550) 1983-1986 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z550 G4-G9 (GT550) 1987-2001 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZR550 A1,A2 (Z550F)  1980-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZR550 B2-B8 Zephyr 1991-2000 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX550 A1-A3 Unitrack (GPZ550)  1984-1986 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX550 A4-A6 Unitrack (GPZ550)  1987-1992 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX550 H1,H2 Unitrack (GPZ550)  1982-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZL600 A1,A2 1986-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZL600 B1-B2 Eliminator 1995-1998 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX600 A1-A5 (GPZ600R) 1985-1989 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX600 C1-C10 (GPX600R) 1988-2000 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KR650 C1 1993 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ650 E1,LTD,F1 1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ650 H1,H2,H3,CSR 1978-1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z650 B1,B2,B3 1977-1979 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z650 C1,C2,C3 1978-1979 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z650 F1,F2 1980-1981 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z650 F3 1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z650 F4  1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z650 SR, D1,D1A,D2,D3 1978-1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ750 F1,LTD 1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ750 G1,LTD 1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ750 K1,K2,LTD 1983-1984 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ750 M1,CSR 1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ750 N1,N2 Spectre  1982-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z750 E1,E2,E3 1980-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z750 H1,H2,H3,LTD 1980-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z750 L1,L2 1981-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z750 L3,L4  1983-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z750 P1-P10 (GT750) 1982-1996 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z750 R1 (GPZ750) 1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZR750 C1-C6 Zephyr 1991-1995 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZR750 D1-D2 Zephyr 1996-1999 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZR750 F1-F5 (ZR-7) 1999-2003 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZR750 H1-H3 (ZR-7S) 2001-2003 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX750 A1-A5,A2L (GPZ750) Unitrack 1983-1989 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX750 E1,E2 (GPZ750) Turbo 1984-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX750 F1,F2,F3 (GPX750R)  1986-1988 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX750 G2,G3 (GPZ750 R) 1985-1988 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX750 H2 (ZXR750) 1990 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z900 A4 (Z1F) 1976 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZL900 A1,A2 Eliminator 1985-1986 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX900 A1-A12 (GPZ900R) Ninja 1984-1996 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ1000 J1,J2,J3 1981-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ1000 K1,K2,LTD,M1,M2,CSR 1981-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ1000 P1-P9 1982-90 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ1000 P10-P21 Police  1991-2002 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ1000 P24 Police 2005 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ1000 R1,R2 1982-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z1000 J1,J2,J3 1981-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z1000 K1,K2, LTD 1981-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z1000 R2  1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZG1000 A1-A20,A6F ConCours (GTR1000) 1986-2006 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZL1000 A1,A2 Eliminator 1987-1988 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX1000 A1,A2,A3 (GPZ1000RX) 1986-1989
Kawasaki ZX1000 B1,B2,B3 (ZX10) Tomcat (Ninja)  1988-1990 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ1100 B1,B2  1981-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ1100 D1,D2 (Spectre)  1982-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki KZ1100 L1 (LTD) 1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z1100 A1,A2,A3 1981-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z1100 B1,B2 1981-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki Z1100 R1 1984-1986 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZN1100 B1,B1L,B2,LTD 1984-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZR1100 A1-A4, B1 Zephyr 1991-1996
Kawasaki ZR1100 C2,C3,C4 (ZRX1100) Zephyr 1996-2000 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX1100 A1,A2,A3 (GPZ1100) Unitrack 1983-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX1100 B1,B2 (GPZ1100) 1981-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX1100 C1,C2,C3,C4 (ZZ-R1100) 1990-1993 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX1100 D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6 (ZZ-R1100) 1993-1998 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX1100 D7,D8,D9 (ZZ-R1100) 1999-2001 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX1100 E1,E2,E3 (GPZ1100) 1995-1998 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZX1100 F1 ABS (GPZ1100ABS) 1996-1997 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZG1200 A1,A2,B1-B17 Voyager XIII 1989-2003 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZRX1200 2001-2003 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZRX1200 Daeg 2009 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZRX1200 R (ZR1200 A1-A6) 2001-2006 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZRX1200 S (ZR1200S B1-B4) 2001-2004 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Kawasaki ZZ-R1200 C1-C4 (ZX1200) 2002-2005 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Triumph 750 Daytona 1991-1995 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 750 Speed Triple 1997 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 750 Thunderbird 1995 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 750 Trident 1991-1998 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 900 Adventurer 1995-2001 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 900 Daytona 1994-1997 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 900 Legend TT 1999-2001 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 900 Speed Triple 1994-1996 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 900 Sprint Sports1995-1998 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 900 Thunderbird 1995-2003 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 900 Thunderbird Sport 1999-2003 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 900 Thunderbolt 1996 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 900 Tiger 1991-2000 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 900 Trident 1991-1998 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 900 Trophy 1991-2001 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 1000 Daytona 1991-1995 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 1200 Daytona 1993-1997 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Triumph 1200 Trophy 1991-2003 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha FZ700 T,TC 1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FZX700 S,SC,T,TC 1986-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FZ750 Genesis 1987-1994 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FZ750 N,S,SC,U,UC 1985-1988 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FZR750 RA,RB 1991-1992 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FZR750 R 3FV Japan 1989-1990 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FZR750 RT,RU Genesis 2TT 1987-1988 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FZX750 2JE 1986-1988 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FZX750 3XF Japan 1990 on Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FZX750 1998 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FZR1000 Genesis 2LA 1987-1988 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FZR1000 RA (EXUP) 3LE 1989-1990 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FJ1100 1984-1986 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FJ1200 1986-1995 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha FJ1200 A ABS 1991-1995 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha XJR1200 1995-1998 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha XJR1200 SP 1997-1998 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha XJR1300 5EA,5WM 1999-2006 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha XJR1300 5WM 2007-2011 Motorcycle Oil Filter
Yamaha XJR1300 SP 5EA 1999-2002 Motorcycle Oil Filter