Givi V37NT Monokey Side Motorcycle Panniers Pair

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This pair of Givi V37NT Motorcycle Panniers, in satin black with clear rear reflectors, have 37 Litres of capacity in each side which can hold a full face, an open face or a flip front motorcycle helmet in each side. The internal elastic belts help to secure your belongings and the unique Givi locking system allows a single key, 2 supplied, to open or remove either panniers.


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These Givi V37NT Monokey Side Motorcycle Panniers Pair, are black panniers with a silver embossment and clear rear reflectors known as Tech, are designed to fit only on to motorcycle specific Givi PLX or Givi PLXR Monokey Side Rails. These latest Givi V37 NTech MONOKEY® SIDE Panniers are an evolution of the iconic Givi V35 Panniers offering a more distinctive design, improved pillion leg room and increased internal volume. This pair of Givi V37 Tech side cases have 4 anchor points and fit narrower than conventional panniers, without compromising their usable volume, and will now accept a modular motorcycle helmet (flip front). The ergonomic lines of the Givi V37’s means that there is more leg room between the pillions foot pegs and the front of the pannier and the latest security locking system enables them to be key matched to other products within the Givi motorcycle luggage range. As Givi PLX and Givi PLXR Rails mount into the back of Givi V37 Panniers the overall width is substantially narrower than conventional pannier systems. for ease and storage the Givi T443C Inner Bags for V35 V37 Motorcycle Panniers are available which will allow the contents to be removed without having to remove the individual panniers.


Benefits and features of these Givi V37NT Panniers include;

  • 37 litres of capacity in each side
  • Satin black finish with clear rear reflectors
  • Much Closer fitting; fits only on to the Givi PLX and PLXR Systems
  • Single key allows detachment or opening
  • 2 keys supplied
  • Elasticated internal straps to keep the contents sturdy
  • Will accept a full face, an open face or a flip front helmet in each side.


Specifications and design features;

Givi V37NNT Monokey Side Motorcycle Panniers

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