Givi T443C Inner Bags for V35 V37 Motorcycle Panniers

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This pair of very popular Givi T443C Inner Bags for Givi V35 Motorcycle Panniers, or Givi V37 Motorcycle panniers, are designed to fit neatly into any pair of Givi V35 or givi V37 Panniers and are reinforced and padded for extra protection.

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These Givi T443C Inner Bags for V35 V37 Motorcycle Panniers, in Black, supersedes the Givi T443B. They are designed to fit in to any Givi V35 or Givi V37 Panniers. As they are shaped and are equipped with handles, and shoulder straps, they can be removed from the motorcycle with their contents, leaving the panniers still in place making them ideal for touring and longer motorcycle journeys. Highly versatile, light, durable, expandable and easily stowed when not in use. This pair of Givi V35, or Givi V37, inner bags feature 2 internal pockets and a large external pocket for personal belongings and external reflective piping. Rather conveniently the outer zip, to the main compartment, is designed to be opened exactly the same way as the Givi V35 Panniers allowing easy access without having to remove the bags. Examples of Givi V35 Panniers that these Givi T443C inner bags fit include; Givi V35N Panniers in Black with red rear reflectors, Givi V35 Tech Motorcycle Panniers Black with clear rear reflectors and the Givi V35NTFL Motorcycle Panniers in High Visibility Yellow and Black with clear rear reflectors. Examples of Givi V37 Panniers include; Givi V37N Motorcycle Panniers, in satin black.


Benefits and features of these Givi T443C V35 V37 Inner bags include;


  • Designed specifically to fit a pair of Givi V35 or Givi V37 side panniers
  • Contents can be removed easily without having to remove the V35 or V37 side cases
  • 2 internal front packets in each bag
  • 1 large rear pocket in each bag
  • Easy to use carry handle on each bag
  • Shoulder strap supplied with each bag
  • Reflective piping and panels on each bag


Specifications and design features; 

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