Givi E152 Metal Luggage Rack for Trekker Top Boxes


The Givi E152 Metal Luggage Rack, in black, is designed to to be fitted to the top of a Givi TRK 33 Litre or a Givi TRK 46 Litre case that is being used as a top box offering additional storage space.


This Givi E152 Metal Luggage Rack for Trekker Top Boxes is designed to fit on to the top of Givi Trekker TRK33 and Givi Trekker TRK46 Top Boxes Monokey Cases offering additional luggage space (not designed for the Givi Trekker TRK52; the Givi E142B is designed for this case). The upper part of the top box requires drilling; a template, instructions and all the necessary fittings are included. Please note that once fitted only the full lid can be opened, i.e. the small access lid won’t open fully as this metal rack covers it.