Givi 6702FZ Monorack Arms Aprilia Shiver 750 2010 on

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These Givi 6702FZ Monorack rear arms, for the Aprilia Shiver 750 2010 models and onwards, are specifically designed to accept a Givi Monolock or Monokey Plate so that a Givi motorcycle Top Box or Case can be fitted. The original Pillion Grab Rails require removing and a new set of grab rails are included.


These Givi 6702FZ Monorack Arms Aprilia Shiver 750 2010 on are designed to accept a variety of Givi mounting plates enabling a corresponding Givi Monokey Case or a Givi Monolock Top Box to be fitted. For a Givi Monokey Case a Givi M5 Monokey Plate, a Givi M7 Monokey Plate, a Givi M9A Aluminium Monokey Plate, a Givi M9B Aluminium Monokey Plate Black, a Givi M8A Aluminium Monokey Plate (while stock is available) or a Givi M8B Aluminium Black Monokey Plate (while stock is available) is required and for a Givi Monolock Top Box either a Givi M5M Monolock Plate or a Givi M6M Monolock Plate is required. Please note that this Givi 6702FZ has the 2 supports, their fittings and the instructions included, however the top plate, Monokey or Monolock, is not included. If this rear rack is to have the Givi M9A, Givi M9B, Givi M8A or the Givi M8B Aluminium Plates fitted there is no facility to accept an additional stop light or remote control device on to the rear case. The Givi TE6702 Easylock Pannier Holders, for the Aprilia Shiver 750, are also available which will accept soft luggage such as the Givi 3D600 Easylock Panniers to be fitted.

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