Silkolene Titanium Dry Chain Lube 500ml


Silkolene Titanium Dri Gel Chain Lube, in a 500ml aerosol, is designed to dry after application to resist fling off and leaves a white just like new finish. This PTFE boosted chain lubricant has outstanding anti wear and anti corrosion properties for extended Motorcycle chain and sprocket life.


This Silkolene Titanium Dry Chain Lube 500ml aerosol, is a dry chain lubricant which resists high speed fling-off while providing exceptional anti-wear performance on motorcycle chains and sprockets and replaces Silkolene Titanium Dri Gel Chain Lube. The non fling PTFE boosted formula contains special additives to give maximum corrosion resistance, even in the most severe weather conditions protecting your chain, leaving it with a white “as new” finish. For all chains including “O”, “X” and “Z” ring types. For the best results Silkolene advise using their Silkolene Brake and Chain Cleaner prior to use to remove old and wasted lubricant as well as road dirt or apply after a ride when the chain is warm to aid the lubricant penetration.