Silkolene Pro CCA Ultra Motorcycle Racing Coolant 1L


Silkolene Pro CCA Ultra, Professional Competition Coolant Additive, is essential in Motorcycle racing where normal coolants are banned and only water can be used. Pro CCA is an additive and isn’t designed to be used neat; Silkolene advise mixing at 3-5%.


Silkolene Pro CCA Ultra Motorcycle Racing Coolant 1L, in a 1 Litre bottle, is an additive for motorcycle cooling systems. As coolant cannot be used on race circuits only water, Pro CCA is designd to mix with water at 3%-5% to eliminate cavitiation (air bubbles forming around the impeller) which would reduce the efficiency of the cooling system lead to corrosion.

This advanced corrosion inhibitor for motorcycle cooling systems, including the radiator, is ideal for race and competition engines. Pro CCA is harmless to ferrous metals, seals, elastomers and all other non metals used in the cooling circuit and effectively protects all metals, including ferrous metals.