R&G No Cut Aero Crash Protectors for Honda CBR300R


This pair of Black R&G Aero Crash Protectors (CP0374BL), R&G Crash Bungs or R&G Crash Mushrooms as they are often referred to, are Front Engine Mounted specifically designed to fit the Honda CBR300R, 2014 models and onwards. No modifications are required to the panels or the motorcycle and all the metal brackets, fittings and instructions are included.


R&G Motorcycle Crash Protectors are regarded as the leading manufacturer of Bike Specific motorcycle Crash protectors and arebespoke Manufactured for each of the 350 models within the R&G range. R&G crash protectors received an MCN rating of 97%. Using de-embrittled high-tensile steel bolts ensuring that the Crash Protectors bend on impact rather than shearing or snapping. In addition R&G use compression sleeves inside the bobbins so that the retaining bolts can be torqued up without affecting the protectors and can’t work loose.