NGK DPR9EIX-9 Motorcycle Spark Plug


The NGK DPR9EIX-9 Motorcycle Spark Plug features; a projected centre electrode with a 0.6mm Fine Wire centre electrode, sealing washer, aluminate silicate insulator and anti flash-over ribs ensuring reliability , durability and easier starting. NGK Spark Plugs are designed to transfer a high intensity electrical discharge across the spark plug gap producing enough heat energy to ignite the air and fuel mixture.


This NGK DPR9EIX-9 Spark Plug fits the following Motorcycles;

GILERA Nordwest 600 (4-Stroke) 11/91 to 01/95

HONDA CBR600F-K-L 1989 to 1990
HONDA VFR750F G-F-K 750 03/86 to 1988
HONDA CBR1000 FH-FX 01/87 ?to 09/99
HONDA VF1000F2F Bol d’Or 1000
HONDA VF1000FF 04/85 ?to 08/87
HONDA VF1000RE-High Speed
HONDA VF1000RF 04/85 ?to 02/88

KAWASAKI ER250 B1-B3 (Z250T) 03/83 to 10/90
KAWASAKI KL250 D2-D11, D16 (KLR250) 08/85 to 01/01
KAWASAKI EX305 A1 (GPz305) 03/83 to 01/84
KAWASAKI EX305 B2-B10 (GPZ305) 01/84 to 08/96
KAWASAKI ZR400 B1 01/84 to 08/85
KAWASAKI ZX400 C2-C3 1985 to 03/87
KAWASAKI ZX550 A2-A4 (GPZ550) 02/85 to 04/91

MALAGUTI Madison 250cc 09/99 to 08/04

MZ Skorpion Cup 659cc

SUZUKI DR350S L, M, N, P 02/91 on
SUZUKI DR650RSE Models and RE models 04/91 to 11/95
SUZUKI DR750 SJ/SK 01/88 to 01/90
SUZUKI DR800 SL, SM 01/90 to 02/92

YAMAHA SZR660 1995 to 12/97
YAMAHA TDM850 01/91to 1995