Givi V46 Monokey Top Case 46 Litre Black

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Givi V46 Motorcycle Top Case with a 46 Litre Capacity, in Black with red rear reflectors, will fit directly on to any Givi monokey plate. This highly versatile top box will take 2 full face helmets and features internal elasticated luggage straps to hold your personal items in place. The outer locking system has 2 buttons; one to remove the top box entirely and the other for lifting and closing the lid independently.


This Givi V46 Monokey Top Case 46 Litre Black, known as a Givi 46N, has an internal capacity of 46 litres. Additional accessories are available including; a Givi E105S LED Stop Light Kit  (offers easy connection and disconnection when removing or replacing this top box), a Givi E95S Backrest (for improved pillion comfort), a Givi E107B Metal Top Box Luggage Rack (for even more storage on top of the box), a pair of Givi S351 Trekker Luggage Straps (for securely tying down additional luggage)  and a Givi T502B Inner Bag (allows you to remove all your possessions without having to remove the top box entirely). 

Benefits and features of this Givi 46 Litre Motorcycle Top Box includes;

  • 46 Litre capacity, capable of stowing 2 full face motorcycle helmets
  • Will fit any Monokey Top Plate
  • Satin Black finish with red reflectors
  • Single key to lock, unlock either the lid or the top box entirely
  • 2 keys supplied

For a full listing of Givi Motorcycle Luggage Fitting Kits please click here.

Specifications and design features; 

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