Givi Trekker Outback Evo Pannier Black 37 Litre Right


The Givi Trekker Outback EVO Right Side Pannier, in Black, has an internal capacity of 37 litres and is designed to fit on to the right side of either a Givi PL… CAM or a Givi PLR…CAM Pannier Rails. Made from reinforced aluminium with easy access through the top which is fully removable and has sturdy holding points for additional luggage.


This Givi Trekker Outback Evo Pannier Black 37 Litre Right, OBKE37BR, is a Right sided Pannier in the Aluminium finish, designed to fit on to Givi PL_ _ _CAM  or Givi PLR_ _ _CAM pannier holders only. As the latest version this Givi Trekker Outback Evo 37 has anti-vibration points new hooks toward the bottom which allows the side case to be tilted without being released and also ensures a more secure hold, especially when being used off-road. Givi Trekker Outback Evo Panniers are sided; this 37 litre pannier is designed to fit onto the right side as you are sat on the motorcycle. Givi Outback Trekker side cases are left and right handed with a unique advantage over other manufacturers in that the lids can be hinged or taken off entirely for easier packing. These lockable side hard bags have the hinges and the locking mechanism set away from the outside for better protection and durability.

Givi Trekker Outback EVo Pannier 37 Litre features;

Givi Trekker Outback Evo Pannier 37 Litre features


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