Givi Tan01 Jerry Can


The Givi Tan01 has an internal capacity of 2.5 Litres ideal for transporting water, oil or fuel. This small and convenient homologated Jerry can can be fitted to the outside of various Givi panniers and Cases by using a suitable bracket or stored internally along with the convenient filling spout which is included.


This Givi Tan01 Jerry Can is designed to be fitted on to the outside of various panniers and cases including the Givi Trekker Outback and Givi Trekker Cases. The Givi E148 Holder,  the Givi E149 Holder, or the Givi E205 Holder for the Givi TAN01 Jerry Can can be fitted offering easy access to water, oil or fuel, ideal for adventure riding and touring. The outer dimensions of this Givi TAN01 fuel, water or oil can are 170 mm X 235 mm X 95 mm.

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