Givi TNH1171 Upper Engine Guards Honda CB500X 2019 on


The Givi TNH1171 Engine Guard Kit is designed specifically for the Honda CB500X, 2019 models and onward, to offer a sacrificial and additional point of contact preventing serious damage to engine casings and fairings in a fall.


These Givi TNH1171 Upper Engine Guards Honda CB500X 2019 on models are made from 25 mm diameter, 2 mm thick, steel tubing designed to reduce any serious damage to the upper panels, radiator, etc in a fall, making them ideal for touring and everyday use. These robust and durable crash protectors, in a satin black hard coated finish, can also be used to accommodate additional lighting such as the Givi S310 Trekker Halogen Lights or the Givi S322 Anti-fog Lights. The two engine guards, the centre bush, the bush spacer, the instructions and all the necessary fittings are included. These upper bars can be used on their own or in combination with the Givi TN1171 Engine Guards Honda CB500X 2019 on models. For earlier models the lower  Givi TN1121 Honda CB500X 2013 to 2018 models are available. Due to the close tolerances it is advised that these Givi Engine Crash Guards should be fitted by a competent mechanic.

To view the pdf instructions and details please click here.


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