Givi S322 Pair of Aluminium Black LED Projector Fog lamps

£338.00 £304.20

These 2 Givi S322 LED Projector Beam Fog Lamps are universal fitting, ideal for touring and adventure riding. Universal fitting to engine bars, crash bars and Givi Lighting Bars. The LED bulbs are housed in Black Powder Coated Aluminium cases for durability and longevity.


These Givi S322 Pair of Aluminium Black LED Projector Fog lamps, replacing the Givi S320 projector Lights and the Givi S321 Projector Fog Lights, are designed to offer focused additional light in poor lighting conditions, especially at night and in foggy conditions. The low current draw of 14 watts each reduces the load on the battery and the motorcycle electrics compared to standard incandescent bulbs. These Universal fitting LED Projector lights are designed to fit on to tubular crash bars, engine bars, etc that have a diameter between 21 mm and 25 mm. Supplied with 2 x Projector lights, waterproof switch, wire, various clamps and sleeves, instructions and the necessary fittings.

Benefits and features of the Givi S322 Pair of Aluminium Black LED Projector Fog lamps include;

• LED technology that guarantees low energy consumption, making the Givi S322 Lights suitable for mounting on motorcycles with large or small engines, without the risk of draining the battery
• Easily attached to all engine-guards and specific Givi Light Mounts with a tubular diameter of between 21 mm and 25 mm
• Supplied with fuse and cables for direct connection to the battery along with a waterproof switch to mount on the handlebar
• Also supplied with a third cable to connect to the motorcycle ignition switch
• Only 14 W power absorption per light