Givi BF50 Tanklock Fitting Kit Suzuki DL1050 V Strom 2020 on


The Givi BF50 Tanklock fitting kit is designed for the Suzuki DL1050 V Strom, 2020 models and onward, offering easy connection and removal of a Givi Tank lock Tank Bag.


This Givi BF50 Tanklock Fitting Kit Suzuki DL1050 V Strom 2020 on models is designed to fit onto to the locking fuel cap surround enabling a Givi Tanklock Tankbag to be fitted. The Tank Lock System allows the tank bag to be fitted quickly and sturdily and can be removed at the push of a button to release the bag for carrying as well as giving access to the fuel filler cap. As the tank bag can be fitted to metal or plastic fuel tanks no heavy magnets or awkward retaining straps are required making it much easier to carry around. All the fitting bolts, instructions, and the mounting plate are included. Please note before purchasing please check carefully that the bag will not effect the original driveability, paying particular attention to any possible interference with the handlebars.This Givi BF50 Tanklock Flange Fitting kit will enable a variety of Givi Motorcycle Tank Lock and Givi Tanklocked Tankbags to be fitted quickly and easily..

To view the pdf instructions and details please click here.