Givi 1186FZ Monorack Arms Honda Forza 750 2021 on

£121.50 £109.35

These Givi 1186FZ monorack Arms are designed specifically for the Honda Forza 750, 2021 models and onward, to accept an appropriate Givi Plate, e.g a Givi M9A Aluminium Monokey plate or a Givi M9B Black Monokey Plate, enabling a choice of Givi Monokey Top Cases or Givi Monolock Top Boxes to be fitted, and removed, quickly and easily at the press of a button.


The Givi 1186FZ Monorack Arms Honda Forza 750 2021 on models is designed to accept a suitable Givi Rear Plate so that either a Givi Monokey Rear Case or a Givi Monolock Top Box can be fitted.For a Givi Monokey Case a Givi M5 Monokey Plate, a Givi M7 Monokey Plate, a Givi M9A Aluminium Monokey Plate or a Givi M9B Aluminium Monokey Plate Black  is required and for a Givi Monolock Top Box either a Givi M5M Monolock Plate or a Givi M6M Monolock Plate is required. The 2 pairs of supports, their fittings and the instructions are included.

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