Silkolene Pro Chain Race Chain Lube 500ml


Silkolene Pro Chain Race Chain Lube, in a 500ml aerosol, is a 100% fully synthetic Motorcycle Chain Lubricant specifically designed for high performance road and track use.


This Silkolene Pro Chain Race Chain Lube 500ml aerosol, with the latest Smart Straw Applicator, is a fully synthetic racing chain lubricant designed for road, racing and off road motorcycles. Incorporates a micronised laminar solid lubricant which, combined with advanced synthetics, gives outstanding lubrication performance. Intended for use in road racing and off-road competition but is equally suitable for street bikes fitted with standard, X Ring, O ring or Z ring drive chains. This highly viscous lubricant is designed to penetrate the chains, rollers, pins and bushes and once the carrier solvent has evaporated leaves a thin, yet highly effective lubricating film. Offers excellent corrosion protection and resists shock loads, high temperature conditions and the exceptional G forces experienced in racing situations. For the best results; clean the chain and sprockets with Silkolene Brake and Chain Cleaner 500ml prior to application or apply sparingly onto a clean chain overnight, ideally after a ride when the chain is warmer.