Silkolene Pro FST Motorcycle Fuel Additive 1L


Silkolene Pro FST Motorcycle Fuel Additive 1L, is a fuel system treatment for Motorcycle petrol engines which helps to protect against cold start wear and fuel system corrosion. Pro FST helps to stabilise petrol and is ideal for when a Motorcycle is stored over winter etc and is ideally mixed at 1-2%.


This Silkolene Pro FST Motorcycle Fuel Additive, in a 1 Litre bottle, is a fuel treatment designed to stabilise modern petrol, remove deposits from jets, carburettor internals, fuel injectors and intake systems. Silkolene Pro FST, Professional Fuel System Treatment, is highly effective against carburettor icing in low temperature environments, combats starting problems, stalling and rough running at low engine revs and is ideal for motorcycles that are left over winter. Can be used in leaded and unleaded fuel, for both 2 and 4-stroke engines.