Optimate TM71 Battery Terminal Connector


The Optimate TM71 Battery Terminal Connector, with an inline fuse and waterproof cap, is one of the most popular Optimate leads. Designed to be attached to the Motorcycle battery and the terminal end can this 50 cm Optimate Lead can then be positioned on the outside of the motorcycle, using a tie wrap for example, allowing easier access without the need to remove the seat or panels.


This Optimate TM71 Battery Terminal Connector uses the traditional TM end fitting (white) enabling quick and easy connection to the original Optimate Battery Chargers including the Optimate 3, Optimate 3SP battery and the original Datatool chargers (generally pre 2012 chargers). This easy to fit fused battery connection lead has eyelets which attach to the battery terminals, red sleeve to positive and black sleeve to negative, enabling the motorcycle battery to be charged by an original Optimate Battery Charger without having to remove panels, seat etc (the lead can be left on the outside of the bike, e,g, zip tied to a rear footpeg hangar), and the waterproof cap replaced when it is not required. If you require a SAE Battery Connector you will require a O01 Optimate Battery Terminal Connector SAE71.