Silkolene Fuchs Renolit Copper Grease 500g


Silkolene Fuchs Renolit Copper Grease, in 500g, is a Renolit Copper Anti-seize Paste with high pressure resistant additives making it ideal for lubrication at high temperature of up to 1100°C for the assembly and disassembly of threads, linkages, brakes etc.


This Silkolene Fuchs Renolit Copper Grease, in a 500g tub, is asuperior high temperature anti-seize compound containing copper. Copper Grease should be placed on threads to minimise corrosion and reduce dismantling torque especially where different metals are being used, e.g. steel to aluminium. Renolit Copper Grease is designed to control pitting, rusting, thread distortion and seizure due to corrosion and/or chemical attack. Copper Grease is ideal for threaded connections, wheel nuts, spark plug threads, cylinder head bolts, exhaust systems, etc. Copper grease prevents brake squeal by appling to brake caliper pins and the back of brake pads.