Hi Flo Filtro Motorcycle Oil Filter HF145


Hi Flo Filtro Motorcycle Oil Filter, part number HF145, is a TUV approved paper type filter and is designed for a large range of Yamaha Engines.


This Hiflo Filter is designed as the following;

Aprilia 660 Pegaso Street, Trail and Factory 2005 on Motorcycle Oil Filter


Derbi 660 Mulhacen 2006 on Motorcycle Oil Filter


MuZ 660 Baghira 1998-2000 Motorcycle Oil Filter

MuZ 660 Mastiff 1998-2000 Motorcycle Oil Filter

MuZ 660 Skorpion Cup 1999 Motorcycle Oil Filter

MuZ 660 Skorpion Sport, Tour and Replica 1994-1999 Motorcycle Oil Filter

MuZ 660 Skorpion Traveller 1996-2000 Motorcycle Oil Filter


Sachs 125 Roadster 1998-2001 Motorcycle Oil Filter


Yamaha XV125 S Virago 5AJ 1997-2001 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS125 Drag Star 5JX,5KR 2000-2004 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XC180 K,KC,L,LC,ZL,ZLC,N 1983-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XC180 NC,ZN,ZNC,DN,DNC 1983-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XC200 ZA,ZB 1990-1991 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha FZR250 EXUP MK1,MK2 3LN Japan 1989-1990 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha FZR250 Genesis 2KR,2RF Japan 1989 on Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha FZR250 Phaser 1HX,IKG Japan Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha SR250 1985-1996 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha SR250 SE 1979-1984 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha TT250 G,H,J 1980-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XC250 ZCT 1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT250 3Y3 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT250 G,H,J,K,W,A,B 1980-1992 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT250 TL 30X Japan 1983-1984 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT250 TN,TS,TT 48Y 1985-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV250 A,AC,B,C,D,E 3KF,BG,UJ 1991-1995 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV250 G,GC,H,HC,J,JC Route 66 USA 1995-1997 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV250 K,KC,L,LC,M,MC,N,NC,P,PC,R,RC USA 1998-2003 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV250 S Virago 3LS,3L4 1996-2000 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV250 S,SC,T,TC,V,VC,W,WC,X,XC,Y,YC Virago USA 2004-2009 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV250 U,UC,H,N 3LW,3LS 1988-1990 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV250 X,Y,Z,A1,B V-Star 2008 on Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS250 Drag Star 5KR 2001-2004 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha YD250 3NU1, 3NU2 Japan Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha BW350 T 1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha SR400 1JR Japan Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha SRX400 1JL Japan Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT400 1981-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT400 4 Valve 1983-1984 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha SR500 1992-2000 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha SR500 2J2,2J4 1978-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha SR500 48U,4E6,4F9,1RU,48T,3EB1 1984-1991

Yamaha TT500 D,E,F,G 1977-1980 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT500 1976-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV500 K Virago 1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV535 DX Virago 3BM 1998-2002 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV535 S-G,GC,SG,SGC 1994-1995 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV535 S-J,JC Virago 1996-1997 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV535 T,TC,SE,E,EC 3BT 1987-1993 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV535 U 2GV 1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT550 J,K 5Y3 1982-1983

Yamaha XZ550 RJ 1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XZ550 RK 1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha SRX600 3SX Japan 1990 on Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha SRX600 1XL,1XM 1986-1989 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha TT600 L,N,S,T,A,B,D 1983-1992 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha TT600 RE1D2,5CH,5VK 2004 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT600 E3UW,3TB 1991-1995 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT600 E3TB,DJ021 1996-2003 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT600 KN,KH3UW,3TB 1991-1995 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT600 N,H43F,2NF,2KF 1984-1990 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT600 Z Tenere 34L,55W 1983-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT600 Z Tenere1VJ 1986-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT600 Z Tenere 3AJ 1988-1991 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS650 Drag Star 4VR 1997-2004 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS650 A Drag Star Classic 5BN 1998-2005 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS650 A V-Star Classic USA 1998-2010 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS650 AT V-Star Silverado USA 2002-2010 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS650 V-M V-Star Midnight Custom USA 2006-2010 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS650 V-Star Custom USA 2002-2011 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha MT-035YK 2006-2011 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha SZR660 1996-1998 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT660 R5VK 2004-2011 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT660 X Super Motard 1D2,10S 2004-2011 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT660 Z Tenere 11D 2008 on Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XT660 Z Tenere ABS 2011 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere 3YF,4MY3,4NV2 1991-1995 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere 3YF 1996-1999 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV700 CS,CSC,SS,SSC,CT 1986-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV700 CTC,ST,STC 1986-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV700 L,LC,N,NC 1984-1987 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XTZ750 Super Tenere 3LD,3WM 1990-1997 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV750 B,D,E,F,G,H,J Virago 4FY,4PW 1992-1999 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV750 H,J,K,MK 1981-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV750 SE5G5 1981-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha TDM850 4CM,3VD,4TX 1991-2001 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha TRX850 1995-2000 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha TDM900 5PS 2002 on Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha TDM900 A ABS 2BO 2005-2011 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV920 J,K,MK 1982-1983 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV920 RH,RJ 1981-1982 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha TR1 (XV1000) 5A8 1981-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV1000 SE3DR 1988-1989 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV1000 SE,L,LC,N,NC Virago 1983-1985 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog 2002-2006 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV1100 Virago 1997-2000 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XV1100 S,T,C,U,D,E,F,G,H Virago 1989-1996 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS1100 Drag Star 5EL 1999-2005 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS1100 A Drag Star Classic 5K3 1999-2005 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS1100 AT V-Star Silverado USA 2002-2008 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS1100 AT V-Star Silverado USA 2009 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS1100 AW V-Star Classic USA 1999-2009 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS1100 M V-Star Custom Midnight USA 2007-2009 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS1100 V-F V-Star Custom (with Flames) USA 2006 Motorcycle Oil Filter

Yamaha XVS1100 V-Star Custom USA 2002-2009 Motorcycle Oil Filter


Yamaha YFM600 FWAK Grizzly 1998-2001 Oil Filter

Yamaha YFM700 R Raptor Gytr Edition 2007 Oil Filter

Yamaha YFM700 R-V,W,X,Y,Z,A,B Raptor 1AS 2006 on Oil Filter

Yamaha YFM700 RSE-Y,Z,A,B Raptor Special Edition 2009 on Oil Filter

Yamaha YFM700 RSE2-W Raptor Special Edition 2 2007 Oil Filter

Yamaha YFM700 RSP-W,X Raptor Special Edition 2007-2008 Oil Filter