Halvarssons Leather Belt


Halvarssons Leather Belt, in Black, has the H for Halvarssons embossed on the metal loop strap holder on the buckle and is available in 3 length sizes from small to large.



This Halvarssons Leather Belt is designed to fit Motorcycle Riding Jeans and is ideal for using in combination with a Halvarssons Waist Zip, to attach to a Leather or Textile Motorcycle Jacket.


The Halvarssons Belt, with the H insignia is available in 3 Waist Sizes;


  • Small, up to 94cm, approximately 37 Inches (87cm approx. 35″ to the first hole and 70cm approx. 28″ to the last hole).
  • Medium, 109cm, approximately 43 Inches (102cm approx. 40″ to first hole and  85cm approx. 33″ to the last hole).
  • Large, 124cm, approximately 49 Inches (117cm approx. 46″ to the first hole and  100cm approx. 40″ to the last hole).

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