MCFit Maximum Comfort FIT Motorcycle Glove Technology


MCFit Maximum Comfort FIT Motorcycle Glove Technology, are one of the first European brands to have the right to use the newly developed Maximum Comfort FIT technology in their Jofama Motorcycle Gloves Range, Halvarssons Motorcycle Gloves Range and Lindstrands Motorcycle Gloves Range. The patented mcFit technology is based on the liner, membrane and outer shell being laminated together. Maximum Comfort gives a more flexible glove and therefore a better feel whatever the weather.


When producing gloves, it was often difficult to join the function membrane and the outer shell while achieving waterproof protection that did not wear out or split. Maximum Comfort FIT technology ensures that the liner, membrane and outer material stay tightly bonded. The technology is also used in gloves without membranes, with the liner being bonded to the outer material for a more flexible glove, so no more pulling your hand out of the glove to find the liner still attached to your hand then having to try and re-insert the liner into the glove.