Givi S920L Universal Smart Phone Clip Holder


This latest Givi S920L Universal Smart Phone Clip and Holder is a quick and easy way to fit a smart phone to your mirror arms or handle bars. The holder can be easily fitted into position, using the adjustable backing plate, and then simply expanded to accept a variety of Smart Phones.


This Givi S920L Universal Smart Phone Clip Holder is designed to fit on to motorcycle mirrors, handlebars, etc that have a diameter of between 8mm and 35mm. The expandable clip will enable a mobile smartphone, that has an external dimension of between 67mm to 144mm and 90mm to 178mm, to be placed sturdily into the clip. The spring loaded holder automatically adjusts to the size of the smart phone enabling quick, and easy, fitting and removal. The clip allows the phone to be fitted in a portrait or landscape orientation and due to its design the camera lens is unobstructed enabling video use on the go. An additional rubber safety strap is included for use on uneven dirt roads ideal for the adventure motorcyclist. To power up your electronic devises Givi supply a range of power cables including the Givi S110 12 Volt Power Outlet socket, the Givi S111 12 Volt Power Hub USB and the Givi S122 12 Volt Power Connection.


Benefits and features of the Givi S920L Universal Smart Phone Clip Holder;


  • For devices with external dimensions from 67mm to 144mm and 90mm to 178mm
  • Made of bi-injected techno-polymer and TPR for extra resistance and increased grip
  • Compatible with mirror arms and handlebars of diameters between 8mm and 35 mm
  • Designed to grip sections that are not perfectly round
  • Designed to avoid interfering the camera on most smartphones, allowing video shooting on the go
  • Wide adjustment range to fit a variety of different smartphones
  • Easy lock and release of the device
  • Elastic safety strap included for use on uneven and dirt roads



The smaller Givi S920M Universal Smart Phone Clip Holder is available for medium sized smart phones that have an outer dimension of 112 x 52mm to 148 x 75mm