Givi M9A Aluminium Monokey Plate

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This Givi M9A Aluminium Monokey Plate, is designed to fit on to a variety of motorcycle Monokey fitting kits enabling a Givi Monokey Top Box or Case to be fitted, and removed, quickly and easily. This sturdy platform can also be used for soft luggage when a top box or case is not in use.


This latest Givi M9A Aluminium Monokey Plate, which has replaced the Givi M8A Monokey plate, is designed to accept a variety of Givi Monokey cases as well as offering a sturdy platform for soft luggage. Please note that a motorcycle specific fitting kit may be required, e.g. to fit a Givi M9A to the Honda Africa Twin, 2018 models and onwards, a Givi SR1162 Fitting kit will be required. The Givi M9A Aluminium Monokey plate offers a sturdy flat base for a variety of Givi Monokey Top Boxes or soft luggage. The black version the Givi M9B Aluminium Monokey Plate Black is also now available, that replaced the Givi M8B. Please note that as there is no locating hole set within the plate it does not allow the fitting of a Givi stop light kit (for a Givi top box) or for a Givi remote control device. Maximum load is recommended at less than 6Kg.

Features and benefits of this Givi M9A Aluminium Monokey plate includes;

  • Made from 3 mm brushed and anodized aluminium
  • Designed to fit in combination with specific FZ or SR racks where specifically indicated
  • Compatible with all MONOKEY® cases
  • Compatible with the EX1SRA extendable aluminium rack for carrying large and/or dry-roll bags
  • Does not allow the mounting of a stop light kit / remote-controlled opening kit
  • Recommended maximum load of the case: 6kgs