Givi E43 N Monolock Top Box 43 Litre Black Silver

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The Givi E43N Monolock Top Box 43 Litre in Black has a 43 Litre internal capacity capable of stowing 2 full face or 2 open face motorcycle helmets. Uniquely designed for the commuter or tourer this highly versatile top box has an external cargo net, a rear pillion pad and a soft  base mat fitted as standard. The simple to use locking system incorporates 2 buttons; the first enables the top box to be removed entirely and the second allows the lid to be opened independently.


This Givi E43 N Monolock Top Box 43 Litre Black Silver, replaces the Givi E43NML and the Givi E43NMAL, with a satin black finish outer casing and a painted silver upper insert. The Givi E43 has proved to be the most popular Monolock top box since its’ launch in early 2021 due to it being highly versatile, compact and fitted with equipment not found as standard on any other Givi Monolock motorcycle top box. This unique top box will fit on to any Monolock Plate or bike specific Monolock Luggage Rack. A universal Givi monolock plate is included (a motorcycle specific fitting kit may also be required). This unique Givi Top Box has mounting points to accept an external cargo net, which is included, a pillion back rest and a soft touch base mat all included as standard. Ideal for touring and commuting this light top box has enough internal capacity to accept most full face helmets (2 of). Please note; this top box is designed to accept 2 full face helmets (depending upon shell size), and will only accept a larger shell flip helmet on its own.

Benefits and features of this Givi E43N Monolock Top box includes;

  • Will fit any Monolock Plate or Monolock Carrier
  • Universal Monolock Top Plate included
  • 43 Litre internal capacity, will hold 2 full face motorcycle helmets
  • Satin black finish with Silver insert
  • Easy to put on or remove
  • Separate lock button to open or close the lid
  • 2 keys supplied
  • External mounting points to accept a cargo net
  • Cargo net included
  • Pillion rear pad included
  • Soft touch base mat included.

Specifications and design features;

Givi E43 Monolock Top Box Features


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