Givi BF17 Tanklock Fitting BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014 on


This Givi BF17 Tank Flange is designed to accept the Givi Tanklock Luggage System on to the BMW R1200GS Adventure, 2014 models and onwards, which will enable a choice of Givi Tanklock Tank Bags to be fitted. The Givi Tanklock System ensures a firm and locked connection between the fuel tank and a Givi Tanklock Motorcycle Tank Bag which can be released at the press of a button of gain access to the fuel cap and for easy transportation.



This Givi BF17 Tanklock Fitting BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014 on models is a system that offers a simple and convenient luggage solution that once fitted sits slightly proud of the fuel tank, to prevent damaging the fuel tank paintwork and to gain access to the locking mechanism release button which is fitted to the underside of every Givi Tank Lock Tank Bag. As a Givi Tanklock Tankbag is locked into position it does not require magnets or multiple retaining straps, as used on more traditional systems, making it lighter and more convenient to transport especially once you are off your motorcycle. All the necessary replacement fuel cap bolts, spacers, instructions and the mounting flange are provided within this Givi BF17 Tanklock Fitting Kit. This Givi BF17 Tanklock flange fitting kit will accept a variety of Givi Motorcycle Tanklock and Givi Tanklocked Tank Bags.

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