Givi BF03 Tanklock Fitting for Honda CBR600RR 2005 to 2009


This Givi BF03 Flange is designed to fit on to the locking fuel cap surround on the Honda CBR600RR, 2005 to 2009 models, so that a Givi Tanklock Tankbag can be fitted securely and easily. The Givi Tanklock System enables the Givi Tank Lock Tank Bag to be removed at the press of a button giving easy access to the fuel cap and as no heavy magnets or awkward retaining straps are required it is easy to carry when you are not on your motorcycle.


This Givi BF03 Tanklock Fitting for Honda CBR600RR 2005 to 2009 models will enable a variety of Givi Tank Lock Tankbags to be fitted. Once a Givi Tank Lock Tank Bag is fitted to this flange it will sit slightly proud to prevent marking or damage to the paintwork and offers easy access to the locking mechanism release button which is fitted to the underside of every Givi Motorcycle Tanklock Tankbag. All the necessary replacement fuel cap bolts, instructions and the mounting flange are included with the exception of the connection ring, Givi ZT480F, which is included within a Givi Tanklock bag or as a separate item. As this Givi Luggage system can be fitted to metal or plastic motorcycle petrol tanks it neagates the need for heavy magnets and multiple retaining straps making it easier and lighter to carry once you are off your motorcycle. Please note before purchasing please check carefully that the bag will not effect the original driveability, paying particular attention to any possible interference with the handlebars.This Givi BF03 Tanklock Flange Fitting kit will enable a variety of Givi Motorcycle Tank Lock and Givi Tanklocked Tankbags to be fitted quickly and easily.

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