ACF50 Anti Corrosion Spray 13oz


ACF50, Anti Corrosive Formula in a 13oz, 369 gram, Aerosol which is 95% product using very little propellant and is especially ideal for Motorcycles in storage or used during the Winter months. ACF50 neutralises road salt, and rock salt as used on British roads. ACF50 will make water bead and prevent water adhesion leading to corrosion.

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ACF 50, Anti Corrosion Formula, was originally designed for American military aircraft to prevent corrosion forming, and to limit corrosion that had already started, in hostile weather conditions wherever they were deployed in the world.  

Benefits and Features of ACF50 Anti Corrosion Spray include;

  • Kills existing corrosion and prevents new
  • ‘ACTIVE’ for up to 12 months
  • Excellent lubrication and penetration qualities
  • Approved for use on electrics and engines
  • Easily applied non-drying, ultra thin, clear film
  • Very economical
  • Contains no wax, silicon, Teflon or water

MCN says” it should probably come supplied with every new Bike”