Wurth High Performance Dry Chain Lube 500ml


Wurth High Performance Motorcycle Dry Chain Lubricant, 500 ml Aerosol, is very different to traditional chain lubes. Once applied the carrier solvent dries very quickly leaving a clear dry lubricant which will not fling or make a mess of your rear wheel and tyre.


This Wurth High Performance Dry Chain Lube 500ml, in the new red aerosol, is a high specification chain lubricant designed for O ring, non O-ring, X ring, standard and heavy duty motorcycle chains, and sprockets. As this chain lubricant is highly viscous on application it will penetrate the tightest of gaps and linkages before drying; leaving a hard wearing lubricant on all internal and external surfaces. Unlike Conventional chain lubricants or waxes Wurth Dry chain lube dries clear making it ideal for gold or coloured chains and sprockets. For the best results clean the chain and sprockets with Wurth Brake and Chain Cleaner 500ml and ideally a tooth brush to remove stubborn dead lube and road dirt. After about 15 minutes re-lube with Wurth Dry chain lube in 2 coats and leave to air dry. To keep your chain and sprockets in optimum condition Wurth Dry Chain Lube should be applied after a motorcycle ride ideally when the chain is warm which will help the chain lubricant penetrate the chain links, driving out old dead lube before drying. Always allow at least 15 minutes for the solvent in the chain lubricant to evaporate before riding. Wurth High Performance Dry Chain is also extremely good for protecting metal surfaces of your motorcycle such as nuts, bolts and suspension linkages etc. Wurth High Performance Dry Chain Lube 500ml has been awarded the Ride Best Buy accolade. Both this Wurth High Performance Dry Chain lube and the Wurth Brake and Chain Cleaner are available as a Wurth Two Pack Special Offer.

Benefits and features of Wurth High Performance Dry Chain Lubricant includes;

  • Transparent, high-pressure resistant, highly adhesive lubricant
  • Easy to use 500 ml aerosol with nozzle
  • Suitable for all drive chain types
  • Highly viscose to penetrate link bearing surfaces
  • Dry lubricant which prevents dirt build up
  • Prevents running noise, corrosion and wear
  • Forms a quick-drying, tough-elastic lubricating and protective film.
  • Does not attack Perbunan O-rings.

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