Silkolene One Shot Octane Booster 100ml


Silkolene One Shot Octane Booster 100ml is  designed be emptied directly into a full motorcycle petrol tank. Can be mixed with leaded, unleaded or super unleaded.


Silkolene One Shot Octane Booster 100ml is an effective Fuel System Treatment designed to increase the octane level of pumped fuel (by 2-4 points). Whilst preventing pre-ignition (knocking) Silkolene Octane Booster improves fuel economy, restores performance and prevents spark plug fouling. Ideally suited for carburettor, as well as fuel injected motorcycle engines, Silkolene One Shot can be used for motorcycles that have been stored with for a period of time with older fuel that has been left in the fuel tank. This 100ml bottle can be added directly into the fuel tank and will treat up to 20 litres. For larger quantities Silkolene Pro Boost additive 1 Litre is available.