Silkolene Comp 2 Plus 2 Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil 1L


Silkolene Comp 2 Plus, 1 Litre, Motorcycle Engine Oil is an ideal motorcycle engine oil for motocross engines as well as 2-strokes such as Aprilia RS250 and the likes of the Suzuki RGV250 and kawasaki KR1s, etc


The Silkolene Comp 2 Plus 2 Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil, in a 1 litre bottle, is an advanced fully synthetic ester based 2-stroke injector engine oil, with Electrosyntec Technology, for high performance 2 stroke motorcycle engines. The ultra low smoke formula ensures a high degree of internal engine cleanliness for optimum performance retention and the high dynamic film strength prevents “blow-by,” enabling the engine to produce optimum power throughout the rev range. Ideal for motocross engines but also suitable for road-going sports 2-strokes such as Aprila RS250, Aprilia RS50, Aprilia RS125, Kawasaki KR1-S, Yamaha TZR250 and Suzuki RGV250 etc. Now formulated to be compatible with all fuels and can be used as a premix or as an injector oil.