RG Offset Paddock Stand Bobbins for BMW G310R 2017 on


R&G Offset Paddock Stand Bobbins, or R&G Cotton Reels, for the Bobbins for the BMW G310R screw directly in to the mounting blocks, which are included, allowing the rear of the motorcycle to be lifted off the floor using a fork type paddock stand. This system makes a sturdy platform for doing various maintenance work such as chain lubrication and chain adjustment.


R&G Bobbin Kit for the BMW G310R Motorcycle. These R&G Bobbins, R&G Cotton Reels fit most hook type Motorcycle Paddock Stands and add extra protection in the event of a fall. These R&G Cotton reels are oversize paddock stand bobbins, which screw into the paddock stand holes in your swingarm. They offer the dual purpose of protecting your swingarm and enabling the bike to be lifted on a rear paddock stand.