RG Crash Protectors for Kawasaki ZX7 R and ZX7 RR


This pair of traditionally styled black R&G Motorcycle Crash Protectors, R&G Crash Bungs or R&G Crash Mushrooms as they are often referred to, are specifically designed to fit the Kawasaki ZX7-R, P1-P5 (1996 to 2001) models and the Kawasaki ZX7-RR (1996 to 1999). These motorcycle crash protectors are top engine mounted R&G crash bungs which require a 28mm hole in each side fairing. All the necessary brackets, bushes,spacers, fittings and instructions come with these R&G crash protectors.


R&G Motorcycle Crash Protectors are bespoke Manufactured for each of the 350 plus models within the R&G range. RG Crash Protectors for Kawasaki ZX7 R and ZX7 RR received an MCN rating of 97%. Using de-embrittled high-tensile steel bolts ensures that the Crash Protectors bend on impact rather than to shear or snap. In addition, using compression sleeves inside the bobbins means that the retaining bolts can be torqued up without affecting the protectors and won’t work loose.


To view the pdf for fitting details and instructions click here.