R G Superbike Outdoor Cover


R&G Superbike Outdoor Cover in Black, is designed to keep the weather out. This R&G Motorcycle cover has a soft lining on the inside upper to protect the Petrol tank against marks and scratches.

This R&G Superbike Outdoor Cover has proved to be both waterproof and heat resilient in tests and is designed to fit on most motorcycles, including sportsbikes, supermotos, retros, classics, race etc. That is why Ride Magazine scored this motorcycle cover with full marks in its comparative test.

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R&G Superbike Outdoor Cover winner Ride Magazine Best Buy Triangle (December 2008 issue), is designed to fit most motorcycles with its elasticated bottom skirt. The cover also has loop holes to accept a Motorcycle Lock at either or both the front and back as well as two securing straps that fit underneath to hold the Motorcycle Cover down in high winds.

NOTE: If the exhaust is likely to come into contact with the cover, it must be allowed to cool before the cover is fitted.

NOTE: If the cover appears loose on the bike please take extra care to tighten straps and secure, a loose fitting cover can cause damage to paintwork and trim.

IMPORTANT: It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the cover is fitted safely and in accordance with our guidelines. The manufacturer cannot accept any liability for damage caused by misuse or failure to fit the cover correctly and securely.

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