NGK DCPR8EKC Motorcycle Spark Plug


The NGK DCPR8EKC Motorcycle Spark Plug features; a solid copper core, 16mm Hexagon fitting, a Projected centre electrode, 2 Ground Electrodes, removable upper cap, sealing washer, aluminate silicate insulator and anti flash-over ribs ensuring reliability , durability and easier starting. NGK Spark Plugs are designed to transfer a high intensity electrical discharge across the spark plug gap producing enough heat energy to ignite the air and fuel mixture.


This NGK DCPR8EKC Spark Plug fits the following Motorcycles;

BMW R1100S (Twin Spark) Ø12mm Plug 01/03 on
BMW R1150 GS/R/S (Twin Spark) Ø12mm Plug 1130 01/03 on
BMW HP2 Enduro (Twin Spark) Ø12mm Plug 1170 2005 on
BMW HP2 Megamoto (Twin Spark) Ø12mm Plug 1170 2007 on
BMW R1200GS (Twin Spark) Ø12mm Plug 1170 2004 to 2009
BMW R1200R (Twin Spark) 1170 11/06 on
BMW R1200RT (Twin Spark) Ø12mm Plug 1170 03/05to 2009
BMW R1200S (Twin Spark) 1170 2006 on
BMW R1200ST (Twin Spark) 1170 03/05 on