NGK BKR7EIX Motorcycle Spark Plug


The NGK BKR7EIX Motorcycle Spark Plug features; a 16mm Hex, a solid copper core, projected Fine Wire Iridium centre electrode with insulator, sealing washer, aluminate silicate insulator and anti flash-over ribs ensuring reliability , durability and easier starting. NGK Spark Plugs are designed to transfer a high intensity electrical discharge across the spark plug gap producing enough heat energy to ignite the air and fuel mixture.


This NGK BKR7EIX Spark Plug fits the following Motorcycles;

BMW R850C, R850GS, R850R up to 04/99
BMW R850C, R850GS, R850R 04/99 on
BMW R1100GS up to 04/99
BMW R1100GS 04/99 on
BMW R1100R 1995 on
BMW R1100 RS/RT 1993 on
BMW R1100S up to 04/99
BMW R1100S 04/99 to 2003
BMW R1100S (Twin Spark) Ø14mm Plug 01/03 on
BMW R1150GS /R/RS/RT 1999 to 2003
BMW R1150GS/R/S (Twin Spark) Ø14mm Plug 01/03 on
BMW HP2 Enduro (Twin Spark) Ø14mm Plug 2005 on
BMW R1200C Classic, Avantgarde, Independent 1997 on