Jofama Motorcycle Gloves

Jofama Motorcycle Gloves for Men and Ladies are forever evolving using advanced designs, materials and technologies with the keeping of the Jofama classic styling.

Being one of the few European brands with the right to use the newly developed Maximum Comfort FIT technology in their motorcycle gloves Jofama are the current leaders to use this technology based on the liner, membrane and outer layer being laminated together as in the Odeon and Tour de Force motorcycle glove.

Maximum Comfort allows the motorcycle gloves to be more flexible by ensuring that the liner, membrane and outer material stay tightly bonded even when cold and wet when you pull them off. Other comprehensive technolgies Jofama use within their classic motorcycle glove range is the Dryway® water and windproof membrane found in the Jofama Odeon and Tour De Force Motorcycle Gloves.

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