Givi SR1156 Rear Carrier Honda X ADV 750 2017 to 2020

£33.50 £30.15

This Givi SR1156 Rear Carrier, for the Honda X-ADV 750, 2017 to 2020 models, is designed to accept an appropriate Givi Plate enabling a choice of Givi Monokey Top Cases or Givi Monolock Top Boxes to be fitted and removed quickly and easily


This Givi SR1156 Rear Carrier Honda X ADV 750 2017 to 2020 models is designed to accept a suitable Givi Rear Plate so that either a Givi Monokey Rear Case or a Givi Monolock Top Box can be fitted. For a Givi Monokey Case a Givi M5 Monokey Plate, a Givi M7 Monokey Plate, a Givi M9A Aluminium Monokey Plate, a Givi M9B Aluminium Monokey Plate Black, a Givi M8A Aluminium Monokey Plate (while stock is available) or a Givi M8B Aluminium Black Monokey Plate (while stock is available) is required and for a Givi Monolock Top Box either a Givi M5M Monolock Plate or a Givi M6M Monolock Plate is required. Please note that this Givi SR1156 has the 2 pairs of supports, their fittings and the instructions included and does not include a top plate. If this rear rack has the Givi M9A, Givi M9B, Givi M8A or the Givi M8B Aluminium Plates fitted there is no facility to accept an additional stop light or remote control device on to the rear case.

To view the PDF instructions and details please click here.